Holistic Consults Available for Current Patients and Other Veterinarians

Once your horse is an established patient and has been seen in person within the last year Dr. Aja can offer remote consults. Remote consults are available for your convenience by email, text, phone, and video chat (Skype, FaceTime, etc). You can simply email or text about any issues or questions and Dr. Aja will get back to you as soon as possible with a plan for your horse. Usually we don't even need to set up an in person appointment and you can get a response the same day even outside regular business days. Phone and video chat consults can be scheduled outside of regular business hours and are perfect for cases where there’s a lot to discuss or for taking a look at any lameness.

Email and text consults are charged a flat fee per discussion not per text or email. Phone and video chat consults are charged hourly at the same rate as in person appointments.

Sea to Sky Holistic Equine also offers a "VIP Access" program perfect for peace of mind. For a fixed monthly subscription you can get unlimited consults for the month.

Unfortunately Washington state laws only permit remote consults for patients that have been seen in person by Dr. Aja within the last year. Contact Sea to Sky Holistic Equine to set up an in person appointment or book online if you haven't been seen by us in the last year. If you live outside the area that Dr. Aja travels to unfortunately a direct consult with you is not legal; however she can consult with your veterinarian. Most vets have no training in holistic veterinary options but Dr. Aja can help them by giving specific medical advice about holistic treatment of your horse. If you’d like specific medical advice but aren’t in our service area you can request that your regular vet contact Sea to Sky Holistic Equine on your behalf to discuss specific holistic treatments for your horse.